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  • It's important to me to buy meaningful gifts and this was perfect. My little boy absolutely loves it and we read it every day.

  • It was so easy to personalise and it looked so much like Charlie! A lovely, unique gift – I can’t recommend it enough.

  • Good quality book, great illustrations and nice thick pages for years of fun. Just perfect!

  • My grandson spends all day in his Chelsea kit, but this book is really special. And is reading is improving leaps and bounds!

  • It was so nice to see my son reading so enthusiastically. He loves Man City and this book has also boosted his confidence.

  • It's not easy to find RB Leipzig gifts but this was an amazing find. Thomas is so proud of it, he's the happiest boy in the world. Thank you.

  • Awesome, it's such a unique gift. My daughter won't put it down! The look on her face when she opened it and saw herself was priceless.

  • I've never seen my son so excited and eager to read. Madrid is his favourite team and now he's on the field with them too.

  • I could never have invented such a thoughtful, personalised gift myself. It looks just like my niece and she’s over the moon.

  • This was the best gift I ever gave my granddaughter, at least that what she said! Her face was a picture!

  • Wow, top marks! I am one very happy, favourite uncle! Jaden said it was the best present he's ever had.

  • Nathan's expression when he saw himself on the field at Borussia Park was fantastic. He's so much more confident now.

  • It really is a magical book, perfect for little Arsenal fans. I was really impressed at the quality and how easy the process was.

  • Such a brilliant gift and it only took a few minutes to create. My son was over the moon to be the star of the story.

  • My son is so proud that the book is all about him. Great quality so it should last for years. His friends' mums want to order one too!

  • My daughter plays football and loves Schalke. This is such a great gift and also teaches the importance of friendship and sharing. 5 stars!

  • We went to Camp Nou last year and my daughter is
    so thrilled to be part of the team now. The illustrations are beautiful.

  • Excellent quality, beautifully illustrated as well as educational. My daughter loves it too, so it’s a win-win all around!

  • I bought one of these books for my nephew and now I'm the coolest uncle ever! Thanks for making the whole process so easy.

  • I can’t think of a better way to help my 6-year-old with her reading – a beautiful book that’s all about her. Highly recommended.

  • If you're looking for a gift for a football-mad kid, you can't go wrong. Highly recommended!

  • This is great, perfect for the kids! We're going to order in advance for the rest of this year's birthdays.

  • I can’t think of a better way to nurture my son's love of numbers than this. Not to mention his enthusiasm for reading. Pure genius!

  • Fantastic! My nephew in on cloud nine and his favourite part is where the crowd chants his name. Such a confidence booster for him!

  • My daughter is so much more confident now, it's amazing. This is so much more than a book, it nurtures your child's development.

  • A lovely story all about my daughter, it’s given her such a boost of confidence. And it only took a couple of clicks!

  • My son loves coming to Stamford Bridge with me, but seeing himself on the field with the team was next level! Awesome gift!

  • The quality is superb and the illustrations, beautiful. My little boy is so happy now that he's "in" his favourite team!

  • Original, educational gifts like this are hard to find these days. And the best thing is, Leila said it was her favourite present of all time!

  • The perfect gift for FC Bayern-crazy kids. They are part of the team and also learn about friendship, it teaches them some essential values.

  • I've never been very good at buying presents but this time I hit the jackpot. My niece absolutely loved it!

  • I've been taking my son to watch Arsenal since he was little. I'll never forget his face when he saw himself on the field with the team!

  • I got some serious brownie points for being the
    world’s best uncle! Thanks for helping me give the best birthday gift ever.

  • My little girl is Valencia-mad. She squealed when she saw herself on the field with her team. Just brilliant! Thanks so much.

  • Such a great idea! A lovely book and the personalisation was just right. My little boy loved it and I'll definitely be back for others.

  • I loved how I was able to personalise the book to make it perfect for my son. He was super excited when he saw himself in the story.

  • My son loves Dortmund and he’s already got the kit. Now he’s in a story with the whole team – it doesn’t get any better than that!

  • This is pure gold! A quality book that lights up children's hearts. Kate is reading so much better already.

  • Joshua won’t put it down, just as well it’s got sturdy pages! It’s not easy to find quality, educational gifts for kids that last.

  • This was such a great buy, my daughter is so happy. I love the thick pages because they are going to be put to good use! A lovely gift.

  • All of Nathan’s friends have got the Liverpool kit, but none of them have got a book like this! He’s excited beyond words.

  • My nephew thinks I'm the business! A story all his favourite team and he's the main character - excellent!

  • Great quality and excellent personalisation. But what I loved the most was how it nurtures important values in children.

  • My niece took her book to school on her birthday. She's so proud that none of her friends have a book that's about them.

  • What a lovely gift, and such an original idea! My daughter’s expression when she saw herself in the story was priceless.

  • My niece says I'm a top auntie and it's the best book in the world! Thank you so much, everything was perfect.

  • A fantastic gift for little football lovers that also boosts confidence and improves their reading.

  • My daughter loves Barça and she’s always wanted to go to Camp Nou. Now she’s there playing for the team in her own story, she’s so happy!

  • High-quality books and great service. I had to make a change after ordering but it was so easy to do. Liam loved it!

  • I got the biggest hug ever when my nephew unwrapped this book! I've never seen him so happy.

  • My son takes this book everywhere with him. He shows his friends, they love it too! The illustrations are great, they look just like him!

  • I ordered one for my Grandson and it was such a success I'm going to have to get one for the others too!

  • Max is crazy about Atlético Madrid, this was the perfect gift. Highly recommended!

  • What a beautiful book and a lovely story feauturing my little girl! She is over the moon and won't put it down. I'll be back for more!

  • My niece shrieked with delight when she saw herself in the story. Such an amazing idea, thank you so much!

  • Emma was ecstatic to be part of her favourite football team. She's told all her friends and now they all want one too!

  • I think books are so important, especially one that's so well-made, colourful and captivating. My little girl was over the moon.

  • We went to Volksparkstadion once and Guy has loved the team ever since. He was so excited when he opened the book. Priceless!

  • A great gift for kids! It combines football with some important values like sharing and teamwork, and it makes your child feel so special.

  • I bought this for my nephew who lives in Germany, and it was so lovely to see how happy he was. Worth every penny.

  • A quality book with lovely pictures and the avatar looks so much like my daughter. I hope she'll read it for years to come.

  • So simple to create but it's such an original gift. One of a kind, my little girl loved it!

  • A lovely, personalised book that also teaches values like friendship and sharing. My son is so happy. Highly recommended.

  • Jade's eyes lit up so brightly when she saw she was part of the team. I'm going to order more of these for friends and family, for sure!

  • Perfect for little football fans, especially if they're learning to read. Seeing Jonny's beaming smile made my day.

  • My little boy had so much fun learning about numbers and values. It’s the perfect gift for parents who want to nurture their kids.

  • Definitely the best gift I’ve ever given to my nephew. Problem is, how do I better that next year?

  • I come from a Chelsea family and my little boy is following suit. I'd ever seen him smile so brightly as when he saw the story was about him!

  • This Valencia FC book has made my son so happy. To see himself in a story all about him and with his favourite team is awesome!

  • Absolutely brilliant! Aaron's face was a picture, it was worth every penny and it's a gift he'll never forget.

  • I got this book for my grandson for Christmas, and it's the best thing since sliced bread! The look on his face was wonderful.

  • Tom’s grandfather lives in Sevilla and it’s always been his favourite team. The perfect gift for little football fans!

  • Such a lovely, personalised book with honest values. I wish I’d discovered these sooner.

  • What a great present, my nephew was ecstatic! I am officially the best uncle ever.

  • FC Bayern is also my favourite team so I had to get this book for my daughter's birthday. She even wears their kit while she's reading it!

  • I’ll never forget my son’s reaction when he opened the book and saw that it was about him. Thank you for making his day so special.

  • One of the best (and quickest) gifts I've ever bought. Just seeing Joseph's beaming face when he saw himself on the field was worth it.

  • Suzy is really enjoying reading now, and her confidence has grown so much. A wonderful gift!

  • My daughter absolutely loved it! Thanks to you guys I won’t have to worry about finding gifts for herfriends for a long while yet!

  • I ordered this for my grandson, and he hugged me so hard I cried. Beautifully made and prompt delivery, I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Great service and I was really happy with the quality. It looked just like my daughter. A perfect gift for little Gladbach fans.

  • Excellent quality and the delivery was perfect. Jade loves Sevilla and she feels as though she's part of the team now. Bravo!

  • Jenny is a big HSV fan, just like her Dad. I couldn't believe how much it looked like her, she was over the moon!

  • A really cool gift idea for kids. They get to be part of the story and also learn about getting along with others.

  • Ollie is proud of his story and seeing himself at Anfield. His best friend is a Man United fan and now he wants one too!

  • Kane is ecstatic, he loves Man City. It’s the best gift I could ever give him.

  • Dortmund is my home team and my son Daniel loves them too. He’s so
    proud of his book and takes it wherever he goes

  • It was so easy to create and order and it brought so much joy to my son. I can't recommend it enough.

  • The avatar looks so much like Millie and it's lovely how it also teaches them about sharing and teamwork. She loves her book.

  • Incredibly easy to order and fast delivery. My little Leipzig fan is the happiest girl in the world!

  • This was the most unique gift I've ever bought, and so easy to create. My son will treasure it forever.

  • It's so rewarding to see Chloe having so much fun while reading. She's already read it ten times since she opened it this morning!

  • Ordering was easy and the quality is excellent. My daughter
    was delighted to see herself among her favourite team!

  • Awesome to see my nephew so excited about playing with his favourite team, Valencia. Massive brownie points for me too!

  • Noah has been clutching his book ever since he opened it. Knowing what the numbers of his birthday has made his big day even more special.

  • The look on Harry's face when he realised he was in the story brought tears to my eyes. It's so well-made too.

  • I love how this book makes my son’s eyes sparkle. Playing with the Liverpool team is a dream come true.

  • Jake was so overjoyed when he realised the book was about him. Absolutely priceless!

  • I love these books. They are perfect gifts and I'm definitely going to order more. Thank you!

  • This book has helped Tom's reading so much, he looks forward to bedtime more than ever now!

  • Wonderful book,excellent quality and great service. My daughter even sleeps with this book under her pillow, she’s so happy.

  • I usually get my nephew a ball, or some kit. But this personalised book was fantastic. It's going to take some beating!

  • What I love the most about this book is how my daughter is learning important values like teamwork and confidence while
    having fun.


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