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Making families happier, every day...

  • The book is a fantastic gift to celebrate a birthday. Children learn important values and have fun at the same time.

  • Definitely worth the buy. I'll get some for my other grandkids. The personalization is very well done.

  • It is such a great idea. Without a doubt it is the kids' favorite book!

  • Truly remarkable. The quality is very high, my kid is ecstatic. Plus, they did the Signal Iduna Park so well! Loved it.

  • The personalization was so good - and the avatar looked exactly like him on the field in Valencia! It blew both of our minds. 100% recommended.

  • It's a thoughtful gift that takes 5 minutes to buy. ALL PARENTS need to get in on this!

  • Convinced this is the best birthday gift for kids who like soccer. Like ever. Amazing!

  • This is ideal for Inter fans. My nephew was ecstatic - he was begging his mom to read it to him every night for weeks!

  • My nephew was so excited about showing this book to his friends at school. Bravo!

  • I highly recommend this gift. I passed on my love for Sevilla to my son, so this gift was a strong bonding experience.

  • My daughter is delighted to find out what the numbers of her birthday mean. The best kind of gift!

  • All I have to say is "wow". I knew that giving gifts to children is one of life's greatest joys, but I never expected it to feel so rewarding!

  • This is a great choice if you like personalised, meaningful gifts, but haven't got the time to make them. And the kids absolutely love them!

  • This is perfect. Easy to order and brownie points guaranteed. Just the job for my nieces and nephews.

  • So easy to create and it arrived super quick. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with football-crazy kids.

  • What a unique gift. The quality is phenomenal and I now got major brownie points as #1 auntie! Highly recommended.

  • This was so much better than getting him a ball or a toy of his favorite Valencia player. He was right there on the field with him! Gold!

  • I couldn't believe how good the personalization was. The name, the character. I mean really, what a great purchase!

  • Absolutely loved it. Worth every penny and the quality is excellent.

  • Definitely worth the purchase. I had a great experience, and my little RB Leipzig fan is on cloud 9.

  • Livro de qualidade superior. As cores e ilustrações presentes no livro são incríveis e a história está cheia de valores bonitos para passar aos seus filhos.

  • O meu filho não larga o livro. Foi sem dúvida dos melhores presentes que lhe ofereci ultimamente!

  • ManCity has strong values, and I'm was so glad to see my nephew feel like he's part of the team. He's so proud to share those values. A priceless gift.

  • The book was so beautiful! My daughter is an Inter fanatic...and now she loves to read!

  • Huge fan of this book. I was blown away by the design, and the fact that it's an official Dortmund product!

  • The perfect book for little Chelsea FC fans. Beautiful concept and lovely illustrations.

  • Very little hassle, a whole lot of smiles. Josh loved the book as much as he loves Bayern.

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how good the quality was. My son takes his Bayern book everywhere!

  • I will definitely buy more of these. Not only does my nephew LOVE seeing himself with Gladbach, but he is literally chanting the values he learned from reading.

  • This book is everything. Raul seeing himself playing in Sánchez Pizjuán made him so happy. Thank you.

  • Perfect gift for little Arsenal fans. Fast and safe shipping. My niece absolutely loves her new book!

  • The illustrations of the players are amazing! That coupled with an immense storyline means that my son feels really immersed into Liverpool FC.

  • É uma prenda fantástica para as crianças adeptas do Sporting. A minha está a adorar ver-se na história e está sempre a lê-lo.

  • Este livro é excelente para quem gosta do Porto como é o caso da nossa família. O meu neto adorou!

  • I love to be able to teach the values of my beloved club through a personalized gift.

  • A lovely book for all Arsenal fans. My son is delighted!

  • As ilustrações estão espetaculares. O facto de podermos ver o livro antes de o comprar é um grande bónus.

  • Great purchase! Highly recommended for FC Bayern fans.

  • Top quality. These guys really know their stuff. It came super quick, too. Highly recommended.

  • We had so much fun reading this (we've gone through it at least 25 times and it's still in perfect shape!). Can't wait to get another one for his birthday.

  • I love that this gift teaches the values of teamwork and boosts my daughter's confidence. She was glowing!

  • Shipping was quick, quality was perfect, the personalization was amazing. Highly recommended FC official gift!

  • Creating the book is incredibly easy. It arrived a few days later and I was amazed by the result.

  • I love this book for my 5-year-old girl. The wording is perfect and the story just excellent!

  • O melhor presente que se pode comprar. Tem todo o charme de uma prenda feita à mão mas é um produto oficial do Benfica!

  • Jayden's eyes when he realized the book was about him was worth everything. Can't wait to get another!

  • Such a perfect gift for my little HSV fan. He is so happy. I can't wait to get another one for his birthday.

  • This was super easy to put together, arrived on time, and put a smile on my kid's face that I've never seen before.

  • My nephew is a huge Atlético de Madrid fan and he was in love! I definitely won the best aunt prize this time.

  • The kids love it so much, and as my husband is such a Liverpool FC fan he is even considering getting one for himself.

  • I usually just give my nephew a sports jersey or a ball - but this gift is on a whole other level! It looks just like him. We loved it and will buy again.

  • Fast shipping, perfect quality, nice gift wrapping too. Great gift for HSV fans.

  • I never saw a kid love a book so much! What a great gift. The look on his face was worth every penny.

  • The customer service is great. You can tell they really care about their customers. Will buy again!

  • My son absolutely loves this book. He wants to read it every night. Thank you for this!

  • My daughter couldn't stop talking about Barça before, and now that she's "in the team" she has never been happier.

  • It's a thoughtful gift that took less than a few minutes to make. It looks exactly like my nephew! Love it.

  • My niece reads this every single night! She is absolutely in love with it and loves seeing herself as the hero.

  • My son and his Barça book are now inseparable. Congratulations on the concept and illustrations.

  • Luke hasn't stopped talking about his new book since Christmas. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

  • I'm a huge fan. You've got a customer for as long as my kids are little. I got two of these and they were so happy!

  • Very satisfied with my order. My grandson loved it. He's a huge fan of FC Bayern. Thanks.

  • My son loves Schalke. Can't believe this gift exists. I don't think he'll ever forget it.

  • My grandson loves it. It is incredible how well his name and character are integrated throughout the story. A very high-quality book indeed.

  • Excellent. I loved it, my daughter loved it, and she feels like she's really part of Schalke now. 5 stars!

  • Great purchase! Highly recommended for AS Roma fans.

  • I've never seen Jayden make that face before! He was so ecstatic to see the book was just about him.

  • O meu filho adorou! É um livro de muita qualidade, com uma história muito bonita e com grande significado.

  • I love that I can get Analynn to love reading, boost her confidence, and see herself with her favorite players.

  • Very little hassle, a whole lot of smiles. Josh loved the book as much as he loves AS Roma.

  • Anybody wondering what to get a kid of almost any age needs to get one of these! My little Gladbach fan loved it.

  • What a beautiful way to nurture a love for numbers and confidence. He LOVED it!

  • I have honestly never seen my son love reading so much. He wants us to read it together every night. And what a confidence booster! Highly recommended.

  • Foi muito fácil e rápido de comprar. E a cara dela quando se viu no livro foi fenomenal. Totalmente recomendado aos adeptos do FCP!

  • HSV is huge in our family so this was a perfect gift. It arrived quickly and looked exactly like the photo. Thanks.

  • Absolutely loved giving this to my godson. When he realized it was him with Inter, his face transformed!

  • I think I liked giving this gift as much as Mark liked receiving it. He loves Liverpool and is super happy!

  • It arrived a few days later and we were surprised by its quality and level of customization. It is one of the favorite books of my children's library.

  • This is definitely the most novel and unique football themed gift I have ever seen.The best gift!

  • Being able to have such an exciting and personal story based on my sons favourite team is incredible.

  • The quality was really good. My daughter was ecstatic to see herself on the field. Loved it!

  • We're Italian and we've been Inter fans for generations. There couldn't be a better gift for my son.

  • It was a great purchase. It came quickly and was perfectly personalized. Plus it includes Atlético de Madrid. Loved it!

  • Fantastic book, fast delivery. Never thought I could find such a suitable gift for little AS Roma fans!

  • Didn't know what to get my nephew. He loves AS Roma. This was perfect!

  • I knew my grandson loved Chelsea, but I didn't expect such a strong, positive reaction from him. He was in seventh heaven for sure!

  • Brandon's reaction when he saw the book was personalized was absolutely priceless. Highly recommend if you care about giving thoughtful gifts!

  • The ordering process was really smooth and the personalisation was excellent. I have one very happy Lyon fan. Thank you.

  • I can't believe how high-quality not only the materials are but also the illustrations. My kid is on cloud nine!'

  • My son takes this book everywhere with him. He shows his friends, they love it too! The illustrations are great, they look just like him!

  • Was struggling to get my child to like reading. Who knew I just had to involve Inter?

  • I loved that it taught my son about numbers and values and he was actually having fun READING! Thank you!

  • Excellent quality, perfect for little soccer fans. They really made my son feel like a part of Sevilla FC. Bravo!

  • It is a really beautiful book and has a storyline filled with really positive messages and values. It also arrived way before the delivery shipping date.

  • A lovely gift for the grandchildren that you can read together when they stay over. I love how it boosts their imagination and confidence.

  • The quality of the paper is great, the illustrations are well done and the personalization is perfect. Loved it, thanks so much.

  • He couldn't believe that it was HIM in the book. It looked so much like him. Loved this gift, thanks!

  • Great gift for Chelsea FC fans. It also arrived way before the delivery shipping date.

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how good the quality was. My son takes his AS Roma book everywhere!

  • Huge fan of what you're doing. Almost as big of a fan as my son is of Valencia CF. He went bonkers for it. Thanks!

  • The coolest personalised book I've ever seen! I wish I had one when I was younger.

  • It only took a couple of clicks to get the best git I've given in a long time. I'm now the favorite aunt.

  • Tive uma óptima experiência: o livro é muito simples de fazer, a entrega é extremamente rápida e o livro supera as expectativas!

  • Wow! It came so fast despite being a custom book. It was absolutely perfect. The story teaches values which is a big plus for me.

  • Perfect product. It's well made and an official Valencia CF product. Haven't found a better gift anywhere. Thanks!

  • It's so cute how happy my daughter is with this book. She is inseparable from it. She makes us read it every night. Thank you!

  • Sem dúvida um produto superior, compensa o valor. Recomendo a todos os pais de verdadeiros Dragões!

  • Foi uma compra rápida e com uma excelente personalização. Deviam ter visto a cara dele quando viu que ele fazia parte da equipa do SLB!

  • Fantastic book, fast delivery. Never thought I could find such a suitable gift for little FC Bayern fans!

  • I love that it was full of values and made my kid super excited about reading at night. Go Atlético de Madrid!

  • Made for a true little Dortmund fan. I loved that this was an official product for kids, and it made my James love reading!

  • I’ll never forget my son’s reaction when he opened the book and saw that it was about him. Thank you for making his day so special.

  • Ouvi falar destes livros e vim espreitar. NĂŁo resisti em comprar um para o meu afilhado. E jĂĄ sei que ele adorou!

  • Very satisfied with my order. My grandson loved it. He's a huge fan of AS Roma. Thanks.

  • It's hard to find RB Leipzig gifts for kids - this is the best possible present. So personalized, so well done!

  • Got a little RB Leipzig fan? There is literally no better present. The look on his face was priceless.

  • O meu filho adora o livro! É incrível a maneira como o seu nome e personagem estão integrados em toda a história.

  • Apesar de ser um produto oficial, parece que foi mesmo feito à mão para cada criança. Fantástico!

  • O livro personalizado mais incrível que eu já vi! Adorava ter tido um quando era mais nova.

  • Sem dúvida, uma excelente compra. O meu neto adora o Benfica (aliás, toda a família), e adorou o livro.

  • Brandon's reaction when he saw the book was personalized was absolutely priceless. Highly recommend if you care about giving thoughtful gifts!

  • Didn't know what to get my nephew. He loves FC Bayern. This was perfect!

  • The avatar looked just like him and the name personalization was done very well. I was impressed. Thank you!

  • Top quality all around - the materials, the illustrations, the personalization, and the customer service. Will buy again!


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