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My Magical Numbers

A one-of-a-kind story about the date of a child's birthday. A tangible joy!

- Tailor-made for small heroes aged 0-8.

- 58 unique pages about your child.

- Every number of a birthday is special.

- A tailor-made book for a special birthday kid.


Date of birth

I love this book for my 5-year-old girl. The wording is perfect and the story just excellent!


Every date has a special story to tell

Books that teach confidence and lifelong values. Every number has something special, like the 4 elements or 5 senses.

A birthday gift of confidence

Give them a book that makes them feel special. A book that none of their friends have, because there's only one like it.

Handmade storybooks, treasured forever

Sturdy, handmade custom books. These stories have 58 eco-friendly pages that last for many birthdays to come.

Making families happier, every day...

  • The book is a fantastic gift to celebrate a birthday. Children learn important values and have fun at the same time.

  • My nephew was so excited about showing this book to his friends at school. Bravo!

  • I've never seen Jayden make that face before! He was so ecstatic to see the book was just about him.

  • What a beautiful way to nurture a love for numbers and confidence. He LOVED it!

  • My daughter is delighted to find out what the numbers of her birthday mean. The best kind of gift!


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