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Save the planet

Save the planet

What happens to all the garbage we pile up? And shoes, where do they come from? In this new personalized adventure, children learn how to look after our planet – at the same time as they try to find themselves! Saving the planet is fun!

- For the youngest activists, from 6 to 8 years.

26 personalized pages, filled with goals and activities that encourage readers to look after our planet.

Teaches environmental values: recycling, sustainable consumption and ecological awareness.



It's an educational book with environmental values. It also helps them concentrate on a single activity.


Will they be able to find themselves on every page? 

In cities filled with cars, an urban garden or a recycling plant, the little ones are taught how important it is to take action against climate change. A fun lecture for the children of today, a key for them becoming the adults of tomorrow. 


Educate the adults of tomorrow 

They might be young still, but very soon their actions and decisions will start to have direct consequences for the planet. Turn them into eco-superheroes!

The amazing alternative to digital devices! 

Hours of fun, without a screen. Available with a personalized hardcover, protecting it from knocks and shocks, a softcover or a non-personalized hardcover.

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Making families happier, every day...

  • My daugther loves to do the seek and find in this book. Thanks to the book she's developed a conscience and asks me for paper straws instead of plastic.

  • They've spent far less time on screens since we got this book. Thanks!

  • Our kids are the ones who can make this planet a better place and with books like this I'm absolutely convinced that it's possible. It's a great book to include in a children's library!

  • This was a godsend during the lockdown. It kept my kid busy for hours!

  • We love this book. We can read it for hours with all the details in there, but there are also activities for the whole family. All of it related to the environment.

  • I can't believe how focused my son is AND how much he loves this book. He's having so much fun, thank you!


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